DR. Graves

Dr. Bruce Graves

Dr. Bruce Graves grew up in Sumner County and graduated from The University of Tennessee in 1987 with a BS in Animal Science. He graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in 1990 (the last class of the 3-year program). Prior to college he worked at the Sumner County Humane Society and Volunteer Veterinary Clinic. Upon graduation, Dr. Graves started working at a clinic in Nashville. After 30 years, he has decided to take a break from commuting, preferring the shorter drive to Orchard Park. He is especially interested in internal medicine.

Dr. Graves currently lives in the Shackle Island community with his partner Jim, and his two dogs, George and Sophie. He enjoys spending as much time outdoors working and getting his hands dirty. In his words “Give me a power tool over a computer any day of the week”. He loves to travel and is a cruise fanatic– currently focusing on the Mediterranean. He’s also a massive history buff, especially ancient civilizations.