In-House Lab


A routine physical exam helps us see how your pet is doing on the surface, but it can tell us very little about their internal health. Diagnostics enable our team to go beneath the surface, identify hidden ailments, and make a more complete health assessment. Whether we need to perform a routine health screen to check your pet for parasites or diagnose their chronic illness, both healthy and sick pets can benefit from our diagnostics capabilities. Our goal is to make accurate diagnoses as often as possible so we can help owners decide on the best treatments for their pets.

Additionally, our diagnostic tools can help pets that are having emergencies. When time is short and a diagnosis needs to be made quickly, our highly skilled staff can work efficiently to find answers and develop a suitable treatment plan.

Our Full In-House Laboratory

Orchard Park Animal Hospital possesses a full, updated in-house laboratory suite designed for running various blood and urine tests and producing accurate results more quickly. This capability is also helpful for pre-surgical testing to make sure patients are healthy and prepared for anesthesia.

Pet diagnostics in White House, TN

We can perform heartworm tests, blood chemistries, complete blood counts (CBC), tick-borne disease testing and more with our in-house equipment. For more extensive testing and more detailed analysis, we prefer to send blood and urine samples to outside specialists.

Dog & Cat X-rays

Digital radiography (X-ray) produces sharper images of the bones and internal organs with greater efficiency than traditional film X-ray. This also makes it easier for your dog and cat, who will likely spend less time in our imaging room.

With digital X-ray, your veterinarian can evaluate your pet’s skeletal system and abdominal cavity in greater detail. Furthermore, they can detect hidden problems such as foreign bodies, tumors, bladder stones, and bone fractures.

In addition to producing clearer images, our digital X-ray equipment also enables us to send X-rays out to board-certified radiologists for further review. Therefore, we can put together a more detailed evaluation of your pet’s internal systems and make more appropriate decisions about their treatments.

Veterinarian reviewing a dog's x-ray

Diagnostic Imaging For Pets in White House, TN

We would be glad to help you make the healthiest decisions for your pet’s care. If your pet needs blood testing or X-rays Call us today at (615) 672-4200 or fill out our Make an Appointment form to make an in-house pet diagnostic appointment for your pet!

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