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Spay & Neuter

Allowing your animals to breed may seem like an appropriate way to let nature run its course, but uninhibited reproduction can have harmful consequences. Dog and Cat spay and neuter surgeries are some of the most commonly offered in veterinary medicine and for good reason. Millions of cats and dogs end up homeless year after year due to stray animal overpopulation. Furthermore, shelters become overcrowded and many pets never find their forever homes. To reduce this statistic and give animals a better chance at a happier, healthier life, we recommend spaying and neutering for pets in White House and neighboring communities.

How Spaying & Neutering Keeps Pets Healthy

Our goal with routine spay and neuter surgeries is to provide maximum medical and behavioral benefits to your pets. These benefits include:


  • Preventing unwanted pregnancies
  • Eliminating the heat cycle
  • Reducing unruly behaviors including roaming
  • Reducing likelihood of developing mammary tumors (breast cancer)
  • Preventing ovarian cancer and pyometra (uterine infection)


  • Reducing aggression and inappropriate mounting of objects/other animals
  • Eliminating the development of testicular tumors (cancer)
  • Preventing likelihood of developing prostate issues
  • Reducing unruly behaviors including roaming to find a breeding partner

Helping Your Pet Live a Longer Life

By preventing or reducing certain health problems, spaying and neutering can help pets live longer, happier lives. Furthermore, it can also reduce tensions in the home due to bad behaviors which can, unfortunately, lead to some owners giving up their pets.

When you bring your puppy or kitten in for their first exam, we will go over all of their health priorities and help you decide when to schedule their spay or neuter surgery. We understand and respect that every pet is different and will have their own unique set of needs. Therefore, their spay/neuter surgery will be arranged according to their health, development, breed, size and other factors.

Spay & Neuter For Pets in White House, TN

We would be glad to help you make the healthiest decisions for your pet’s care. Call us today at (615) 672-4200 or fill out our Make an Appointment form to make a spay or neuter appointment for your pet!

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