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Online Pharmacy for OPAH!!

Saturday, Mar 22nd, 2014

We have great news!! We now have an online pharmacy with home delivery for your convenience! When you would rather order online from another pharmacy, check ours out!


We're on Facebook!

Thursday, Mar 20th, 2014

Come check us out on Facebook and add pictures of your furry critters! Just type "Orchard Park Animal Hospital" in the Facebook search engine.

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Recycle for Rescue!

Sunday, Jul 11th, 2010

Save those cans!

At OPAH, we have made a commitment to recycling as a positive way to affect the world around us. In addition, all money obtained from recycling is placed in a medical fund for injured strays that might not otherwise be treated. In this way the staff and veterinarians of OPAH can provide a valuable service for adoptable animal...

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There are no Featured Adoption. Please check back soon
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November- Geriatric Pets and Arthritis

Saturday, Mar 22nd, 2014

November Topic of the Month

Geriatric Pets

Pets are living longer today than at any other time in history thanks to improved diets, advances in veterinary medicine, and routine veterinary care. With this increased lifespan have come unique challenges in veterinary medicine as illnesses that were previously rare have become more prevalent....

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March- Vaccines

Saturday, Mar 22nd, 2014

Vaccines and Rabies

Vaccines are an important part of protecting your petís health, especially at young ages when animals are more susceptible to disease. There are many different types of diseases to vaccinate for and we can help you determine what vaccines are appropriate for your pet based on its age and expected lifestyle (i...

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