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Schools and Community Groups

The veterinarians of Orchard Park Animal Hospital are pleased to host students from area schools to show them the day to day operations of a veterinary hospital. Group tours and presentations can be arranged for children’s groups such as Girl Scouts, 4H, or Cub Scouts. In addition, the veterinarians and staff are happy to come to local schools for career day or other presentations. If you are interested in more information for any of these services feel free to contact OPAH.

Recycle for Rescue Program
OPAH is happy to announce a new program designed to care for and treat stray animals with treatable medical conditions and provide routine medical care. At OPAH, we have made a commitment to recycling as a positive way to affect the world around us. In addition, all money obtained from recycling is placed in a medical fund for injured strays that might not otherwise be treated. In this way the staff and veterinarians of OPAH can provide a valuable service for adoptable animals that might otherwise have been euthanized due to financial constraints. If you are interested in knowing more about this program or would like to donate recyclable materials please feel free to contact us.


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